Ma Prem Sandhya

Ma Prem Sandhya


Namaste, I’m Sandhya.

I started my path in Tantra 11 years ago in India where I discovered Tantra first in the Osho commune in Pune. After I did various trainings of deep Tantric work with Ma Ananda Sarita, a very appreciated Tantric master with whom I learned during many years. After moving to Ibiza I assisted Chavi Domenech in his retreats and Prem Santoshi in Ibiza Goddess retreats and Ibiza Tantra festivals . Also I have been receiving deep transmissions from Komala Lyra who does an exquisite work in this field. I’m passionate about the beauty that Tantra can generate in people’s lives and expansion of consciousness towards deeper understanding of ourselves and love, sacred sexuality and the world.
Since around 5 years I’ve been creating my own way in this field, offering private sessions, ceremonies, rituals and different Tantric events.

In a nutshell I would say I work with sacred sexuality, shamanism and spirituality. How to unite our animal nature, heart and spirit.

❤️ With deep Love,

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