Kama Experiential

Kama Experiential


Kama Experiential has a mission to bring eroticism back to its most elevated, true and beneficial place in society and within people. They do this using traditional tantric teachings and knowledge that is delivered in a variety of ways; workshops, webinars, retreats and seminars. The goal is always to bring eroticism back to a state of sublime Eros.

Angela has been practicing tantra for the past 20 years and has a vast experience of teaching tantra classes, events, workshops and retreats to many different kinds of audiences in India, Thailand to several countries in Europe and Jamaica. She is currently based in Copenhagen and is known for being a passionate teacher and for her warm affectionate presence.

Kieran is a tantric practioner and teacher based in London. He has been working in the Kama project and team for 2 years, bringing ancient tantric teachings to a wider audience world wide. He is a great believer in everything tantra has to offer and particularly enjoys working in the erotic aspects as well as within men’s (vira) groups.



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Kama Sutra – The Untold Story

15:30 - 17:30
Surya / in English