Kama Sutra – The Untold Story

24 marras 2018
15:30 - 17:30
Surya / in English

Kama Sutra – The Untold Story

Let me tell you a secret…

Once upon a time, in the far Ancient East, a long-forgotten knowledge was secretly kept hidden by Kings and Queens, available only for the initiated ones… This secret knowledge was considered a treasure as it revealed the very nature of the origin of the entire universe. It held within its pages the mysterious ways to enjoy life and experience its most exquisite gifts in love, intimacy and refined eroticism. For good reasons, this treasure was hidden from those who did not have the proper training to master their erotic energy, because the wise men knew that the forces of desire and pleasure are the strongest powers within the human being. Due to their phenomenal power, they can either liberate one in sublime mystical delights or enslave one in painful attachments, and so they encoded the knowledge of their sacred works of art in a language of symbols and multiple meanings in order to keep away those who had a superficial attitude and who were only looking for sexual excitement.

One such work of art is the famous Kama Sutra. Nowadays known only by those (quite few) who have passed beyond the encoding language that the sage Vatsyayana used to write it, Kama Sutra seems to apparently be just a collection of sexual methods, unusual acrobatic lovemaking positions, behavioral advice for intimacy and weird aphrodisiac recipes, but, in reality, it is so much more. Kama Sutra is a collection of practical wisdom reflecting the work of desires. It is a manual for learning how to handle the power of desires and how to channel them in ways that help us to improve our life and relationships, as an answer to the call for solutions to some of the biggest problems people face today.

Eroticism has been the subject of much taboo throughout the ages, and even today, in our times of apparent sexual freedom, little has changed, and it actually remains as unknown as it’s ever been. Sexual frustration, obsession, suppression and confusion are the common denominator for many people who desperately seek fulfilment in superficial pleasure, hoping to escape their inner emptiness and afflicted relationship or their body’s and soul’s unfulfilled longing for love and refined pleasure.

Given the fact that Kama Sutra is the world’s second most famous book, people clearly know in which direction to look for answers, however most realize with disappointment that getting the book is not enough to live a happy life. In order to get the whole story and truly understand the essence of its teachings, we need to read between the lines and gather the esoteric pieces of the puzzle in order to see the bigger picture and access the right perspective to extract the meaning and get what we are really looking for. When we crack the code of Kama Sutra and understand how desire truly works, the path ahead almost irresistibly opens up… Long nights of refined, extraordinarily intense and fulfilling pleasures and love will chase away sleep and frustrations. There will be no way back to the comfortable ignorance of a dull life, because now you know the whole story.