Tantric Party

19 marras 2022
21:00 - 22:30

Tantric Party

At the Tantra Festival both Friday and Saturday night:


The intensive festival days will bloom into Love in the evening party & dance! 🤩

❤️On Saturday 19.11. at 21 the party begins with magnificent sensual dance performance by Sylvie Dakini, and continues with live music session by Alieu Kamara. Alieu’s style is a unique mix of traditional music and electronic dance music, which he plays using acoustic instruments, synthesizers, drum machine and looper station.

On both evenings you can also relax in the chill-out area with your beloved or friend or get to know new like-minded souls. You are welcome to delight yourself with salty and sweet treaties purchased from the festival café.

The evenings will finish with uplifting meditation and crystallization of the day’s experiences.

Warmly welcome!