Dance Like Making Love – Sensual Dance Workshop

19 marras 2022
13:00 - 14:30

Dance Like Making Love – Sensual Dance Workshop

Are you longing to feel more alive and sensual? Do you want to reconnect with your body and emotions and to express more freely? What is the type of sensuality specific for you?

Then this is the refreshing workshop for you in which you can learn to boost your sensuality through dance.

Why dance like making love?

– Because it’s a pleasant, but not always an easy way of:
• staying fit – sensual dance requires a constant effort of flexibility and toning
• awakening our self-confidence – sensual dance teaches us to have a courageous and open vision towards life
• knowing ourselves and bringing to surface that part of our femininity that we sometimes neglect or not know how to express

What I realised in time through my experience as a WOMAN and as a DANCER is that diving deeply into PURE EROTICISM always creates the conditions for me to have access to a huge power that inspires and touches the hearts of the people around me.

Did you ever think that PURITY, SENSUALITY and UPLIFTING ASPIRATION can go together very well?

Of course, there are certain KEYS that help us obtain these effects, keys which I want to share with you in this module!

ATTENTION! This dance class might open a new perspective upon your own SENSUALITY!

It includes:
– exercises of flexibility and general toning
– elements from different styles of dance through we can express different aspects of sensuality (for example: twerking, burlesque, chair dance)
– combos or mini-choreos with the movements we learned
– tips & tricks for becoming more magnetic on stage or in front of your beloved one