The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Courage & Masculinity (For men)

24 marras 2018
Atma / in English

The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Courage & Masculinity (For men)

Why do women admire so much courage in a man’s action? How do we learn as men to manifest courage even in the most challenging situations and especially in relation to women? Why is courage such an important part of a man’s self-esteem, self-confidence, not to say entire belief-system? What is the difference between recklessness and courage or fear and courage? How do we learn to live with courage, not just in few privileged moments, but as an integral and on-going part of our life ALL THE TIME?

As part of a larger research project on courage I did in the period 2014 – 2017, some fascinating findings unfolded themselves with regards to the nature of courage as an emotional capacity in any of us and what we often refer to in tantra and spirituality as ’the inner journey of self-realisation’. In this workshop I am going to share some of the most accessible findings in relation to masculinity and courage as well as exploring them together with you through a series of exercises, which can help you to overcome challenges in your life related to masculinity by accessing your inner source of courage.

Courage is a phenomenon we either seek to understand, aim to control and use in our advantage, or deny, ridicule and try desperately to run away from throughout our life. In fact, throughout the life of the entire humanity, as in the depth of the human subconscious the psycho-emotional drive we call courage is sometimes moving mountains as an archaic mythological hero awakening in us. An archaic inborn human quality which in its mysterious glory is key in any process of human transformation.

This workshop is for men only and will focus on courage and masculinity.

The content is different than the workshop called Anatomy of Courage – A Love Affair with The Unknown kept during the festival.