Become a Better Lover (Lecture)

23 Apr 2017
12:30 - 14:00
Tantran salaisuudet

Become a Better Lover (Lecture)

The Secrets of the Multi-Orgasm for Men and Women

This is a talk about the art of lovemaking, about Sexual Kung Fu, how to start, what you gain and how you make your own practice.

In this lecture, Michael will get to some of the most important things in the Taoist ways of Tantric practices.
The Multi-Orgastic Man / Woman reveals physical and psychological techniques that men and women of all ages to fulfil there dreams and there partners fantasies by dramatically improving the quality of their lovemaking.

Sexual energy is the most powerful and versatile energy available to us. While most of us do self-pleasure ( feeling guilty or not ) few are really able to do it lovingly, to cultivate love – make love to themselves – while they are doing it. Sexual energy simply magnifies the energy in your body, positiv or negative.

Healing Love practices consist of learning to cultivate, transform, circulate and conserve our sexual energy in our body.  

Sexual Kung Fu is quiet easy to learn, and many men start feeling very powerful in bed, but it must not become a “power trip”.
“Power is about conquest, which is the opposite off love and any real spiritual practice”
– Senior Instructor Masahiro Ouchi